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Our goal is to help our members connect with others who are also desiring to live safer, healthier and more fulfilled lives. We host community events, classes, and workshops that foster these relationships, healing, health, and community.

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In the potter's Hands​ - ​christian counseling


We're Glad You're Here.

In the Potter's Hands

Loves people, people who've been through trauma.

They love in all different ways...

​Through counseling.

Through groups.

Through mentoring.

Through worship.

Through community.

Through friendship.

They love others come what may,

Regardless and in spite of the effects of their personal trauma.



Any way.

With the love of Christ.

HIS love heals.

It changes people.

It shows up when all else has walked out.

That's what ITPH is good at.

That's what sets them apart.

-Beverley, 2016